Perfume is liquid emotion, meant to touch your soul, to let you escape and take you to an imaginary world full of wonder, elegance and grace, a world of serenity and worrilessness.


Every beauty gesture, every beauty ritual, is a gift to yourself that radiates onto this world.

We can help you!

Our team will gladly guide you through the world of luxury and art. On appointment, you can have a perfume consultation. Together, we will find the fragrance that matches your personality.

About us

Being passionate about our job, our calling, since a quarter of a century, we are at the service of those people who are passionate about perfume.
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Shalimar Philtre de Parfum

De twenties revisited

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Place Vendôme
Menenstraat 2, 8560 Wevelgem

+32 (0) 56 41 24 68


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